Berkeley Neuroscience

The Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley is an active, collaborative research community that investigates fundamental questions about how the brain functions. Using approaches from many disciplines (including biophysics, chemistry, cognitive science, computer science, genetics, mathematics, molecular and cell biology, physics, and physiology), we seek to understand how the brain generates behavior and cognition, and how to better understand, diagnose and treat neurological disorders.

Research in our laboratories is highly interdisciplinary. We study brain function at many different levels, from genes and molecules to synapses, neurons, brain regions and behavior. We use a wide range of animal models from flies to humans. Our laboratories develop state-of-the-art experimental techniques, including techniques to visualize and manipulate single molecules, target gene expression to specific cell types and brain regions, record and control activity in populations of neurons, and better measure activity patterns in the human brain.  Many of our laboratories also use computational and theoretical approaches and collaborate with computer scientists, physicists, electrical engineers and statisticians. Our unifying goals are to understand how the brain works and to improve understanding, diagnosis, and cures for neurological disorders. We encourage you to explore the Research Faculty Site to learn more about this fascinating research enterprise.