Administration and Services

The Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute serves as the intellectual hub for neuroscience studies and research activities at the University of California’s Berkeley campus.  The Institute’s staff together with several departmental and research unit administrations provide a full complement of administrative services in support of the Institute’s mission.

Financial and Human Resources services are provided by each faculty member’s specific research unit and/or department. Research Enterprise Services provides consolidated services to a plurality of the Institute’s stakeholders. Communications, advancement, and graduate student program coordination is provided by the Institute’s staff.

Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute Staff

The Institute’s administrative and graduate program services are provided by:

Institute Administrator
Kati Markowitz, voice 510.642.2593; fax 510.643.4966

Graduate Student Services
Tony Leonard, voice 510.642.8915; fax 510.643.4966

Event Coordination and Building Services (access and conference room reservations)
Natalie Terranova, voice 510.664.9902; fax 510.643.4966