2016 Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop

March 7, 2016 – March 9, 2016

The workshop built upon the convergence among neuroscience, microelectronics and computational systems for the development of next generation information processing and computation architectures that go beyond Moore’s Law limits. Learn more about the event and access video and presentation slides of all talks.

My Love Affair With the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond

February 27, 2016

Neuroscience colleagues, Berkeley alumni, and the public were invited to attend a free screening and tribute to Dr. Diamond and her pioneering contributions to modern neuroscience at the new BAMPFA. >> Learn more about this event.

BayBRAIN Neurotechnology Industry Day

November 5, 2015

This event brought together neurotechnology researchers and industry partners to collaboratively develop enabling technologies for neuroscience instrumentation, computation, and medical devices. Learn more about the innovative neurotechnologies discussed at this event.