Berkeley News | March 11th, 2014

Watch: Scientists ‘herd’ cells in new approach to tissue engineering

Sometimes it only takes a quick jolt of electricity to get a swarm of cells moving in the right direction. Researchers at UC Berkeley found that an electrical current can be used to orchestrate the flow of a group of cells, an achievement that could establish the basis for more controlled forms of tissue engineering […]

Psychology Today | February 12, 2014

Chronic Stress Can Damage Brain Structure and Connectivity

Neuroscientists have discovered how chronic stress and cortisol can damage the brain. A new study reconfirms the importance of maintaining healthy brain structure and connectivity by reducing chronic stress. Neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that chronic stress triggers long-term changes in brain structure and function. Their findings(link is external) might explain why young […]

Berkeley News | February 11, 2014

New evidence that chronic stress predisposes brain to mental illness

University of California, Berkeley, researchers have shown that chronic stress generates long-term changes in the brain that may explain why people suffering chronic stress are prone to mental problems such as anxiety and mood disorders later in life. Their findings could lead to new therapies to reduce the risk of developing mental illness after stressful […]

Berkeley News | November 13, 2013

New data science institute to help scholars harness ‘big data’

In a world awash in data, UC Berkeley is meeting the flood head-on by establishing a new institute to support faculty, researchers and students in their efforts to mine this information in areas as diverse as astronomy and economics, genetics and demography. The Berkeley Institute for Data Science, to be housed in the campus’s central […]

Berkeley News | October 3, 2013

Blocking nerve cells could halt symptoms of eczema

Some 10 percent of the population suffers from eczema at some point in their lives. The chronic skin condition, for which there are no cures or good treatments, causes symptoms ranging from dry, flaky and itchy skin to flaming red rashes and, particularly in children, nasal allergies and asthma. Scientists at the University of California, […]

Berkeley News | June 24, 2013

Distinguished awards for two veteran psychology professors

Two UC Berkeley psychology faculty members have won distinguished awards. Robert Knight, M.D., a professor of psychology and neuroscience, has won the Jacob K. Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The research award, totaling about $3.5 million over seven years, will allow Knight to focus on the role of […]

Berkeley News | June 12, 2013

Researchers develop easy and effective therapy to restore sight

Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed an easier and more effective method for inserting genes into eye cells that could greatly expand gene therapy to help restore sight to patients with blinding diseases ranging from inherited defects like retinitis pigmentosa to degenerative illnesses of old age, such as macular degeneration. Unlike current treatments, the new […]

The Daily Californian | April 23, 2013

UC Berkeley researchers explore search mechanism of human brains

The inner workings of the brain remain largely a mystery to neuroscientists, even with significant advances in the field over the last decade. However, a new discovery from UC Berkeley may help scientists understand one of the brain’s most important functions: its search mechanism. A recent study published April 21 in Nature Neuroscience found that […]

Berkeley News | April 16, 2013

Researchers find out why some stress is good for you

Overworked and stressed out? Look on the bright side. Some stress is good for you. New research by Kaufer and UC Berkeley post-doctoral fellow Elizabeth Kirby has uncovered exactly how acute stress – short-lived, not chronic – primes the brain for improved performance.“You always think about stress as a really bad thing, but it’s not,” […]

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