Berkeley News | May 27, 2014

CNEP researchers target brain circuitry to treat intractable mental disorders

Neuroscientists, engineers and physicians are teaming up for an ambitious five-year, $26 million project to develop new techniques for tackling mental illness. By using devices implanted in the brain, they aim to target and correct malfunctioning neural circuits in conditions such as clinical depression, addiction and anxiety disorders. The project was announced today (Tuesday, May 27) by […]

Berkeley News | May 22, 2014

Pain killers may improve health of diabetics and the obese

Blocking a pain receptor in mice not only extends their lifespan, it also gives them a more youthful metabolism, including an improved insulin response that allows them to deal better with high blood sugar. “We think that blocking this pain receptor and pathway could be very, very useful not only for relieving pain, but for […]

Berkeley Science Review | April 27th, 2014

Faculty Profile – Michel Maharbiz

Michel Maharbiz is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Well-known for the creation of cyborg beetles, Maharbiz imagines a future where bio-interfaces are everywhere. He recently received attention for a theoretical paper he wrote in collaboration with Dongjin Seo, Jose Carmena, Jan M. Rabaey, and Elad Alon about “neural dust,” […]

Berkeley News | April 22, 2014

Commonly available blood-pressure drug prevents epilepsy after brain injury

Between 10 and 20 percent of all cases of epilepsy result from severe head injury, but a new drug promises to prevent post-traumatic seizures and may forestall further brain damage caused by seizures in those who already have epilepsy. A team of researchers from UC Berkeley, Ben-Gurion University in Israel and Charité-University Medicine in Germany […]

Berkeley News | April 18, 2014

Neuroengineers bring science cred, Berkeley feel to ‘Transcendence’ film

Engineering professor Jose Carmena was working on a research grant in December 2012 when his colleague and friend, Michel Maharbiz, burst through his office door accompanied by director Wally Pfister and a production team for an upcoming sci-fi thriller. The Hollywood filmmakers were working on a story about a brilliant artificial intelligence scientist whose brain […]

The Daily Californian | April 14, 2014

UC Berkeley researchers explore memory formation

The mystery of how memories are made, stored and retrieved is closer to being solved, thanks to a group of UC Berkeley researchers. Ehud Isacoff, a campus neurobiology professor and director of UC Berkeley’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, is working to explore multiple levels of the brain to find out how memories form and how […]

Berkeley News | April 7, 2014

Director Wally Pfister joins UC Berkeley neuroengineers to discuss the science behind ‘Transcendence’

“Transcendence” director Wally Pfister, Oscar®-winning cinematographer (“Inception”), will come to the University of California, Berkeley, for a screening of exclusive film clips and audience Q&A. The movie, opening Friday, April 18, is about a leading artificial intelligence researcher, played by Johnny Depp, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything […]

Quartz | April 6, 2014

Your reality is 15 seconds in the making

When you really focus your attention on something, you’re said to be “in the present moment.” But a new piece of research suggests that the “present moment” is actually a chunk of the recent past, and it’s about 15 seconds long. Jason Fischer of the University of California at Berkeley, the lead author of the […]

Berkeley News | March 11th, 2014

Watch: Scientists ‘herd’ cells in new approach to tissue engineering

Sometimes it only takes a quick jolt of electricity to get a swarm of cells moving in the right direction. Researchers at UC Berkeley found that an electrical current can be used to orchestrate the flow of a group of cells, an achievement that could establish the basis for more controlled forms of tissue engineering […]