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Layer-specific E/I balances during neuronal synchronization in the visual cortex.

J Physiol. 2018 Jan 05;:

Authors: Adesnik H

Rhythmic activity can synchronize neural ensembles within and across cortical layers. While gamma band rhythmicity has been observed in all layers, the laminar sources and functional impacts of neuronal synchronization in the cortex remain incompletely understood. Here, layer-specific optogenetic stimulation demonstrates that populations of excitatory neurons in any cortical layer of the mouse’s primary visual cortex are sufficient to powerfully entrain neuronal oscillations in the gamma band. Within each layer, inhibition balances excitation and keeps activity in check. Across layers, translaminar output overcomes inhibition and drives downstream firing. These data establish that rhythm-generating circuits exist in all principle layers of the cortex, but provide layer-specific balances of excitation and inhibition that may dynamically shape the flow of information through cortical circuits. These data might help explain how E/I balances across cortical layers shape information processing, and shed light on the diverse nature and functional impacts of cortical gamma rhythms.

PMID: 29313982 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]