Berkeley Neuroscience News | July 25th, 2017

Q&A with the 2017 Neuroscience PhD Program Graduates

Congratulations to our graduates! From left to right, starting on the top row: Shawn Marks, Joe Driscoll, Brian Isett, Chris Holdgraf, Yvonne Fonken, Anna Vlasits, Ryan Neely, and Sam Israel. Not pictured: Sam Harding-Forrester, Natalia Bilenko and Levi Gadye.  Read on to learn their reflections, future plans, and words of advice. Joseph Driscoll Fields and Kriegsfeld Labs Thesis Title: […]

Berkeley Neuroscience News | May 20th, 2016

Q&A with the 2016 Neuroscience PhD Program Graduates

Congratulations to our graduates! Eight of our Berkeley Neuroscience PhD Program students are graduating this year. They were kind enough to take a moment during this busy time of transition to answer several questions about their PhD studies and future plans. Below are their reflections and words of advice.   Natalia Bilenko Gallant Lab Thesis Title: “Unsupervised functional […]