Faculty in the Neuroscience Institute are divided into the five research areas listed below. Individual faculty may be involved in more than one research area. Follow the links below to see faculty listed by area.

An incomplete list of faculty awards and honors is available.

Neuroscience faculty with active laboratories:

Martin Banks Professor (Vision Science) Visual space perception, psychophysics, modeling of vision, virtual reality.

Shaowen Bao Assistant Adjunct Professor (Neuroscience) Our research goal is to understand sensory processing.

Diana Bautista Assistant Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology)

George Bentley Assistant Professor (Integrative Biology) Neural integration and transduction of environmental cues into endocrine signals.

Sonia Bishop Assistant Professor (Neuroscience) Affective cognitive neuroscience; individual (including genetic) differences in cognitive control.

Silvia Bunge Associate Professor (Neuroscience) Cognitive neuroscience and developmental cognitive neuroscience; cognitive control and prefrontal function

Jose Carmena Assistant Professor (Cognitive Science) Neural Engineering; Systems and Computational Neuroscience; Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

Lu Chen Associate Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Mechanisms of synapse formation during development and synapse modification in plasticity.

Mark D'Esposito Professor (Psychology) Neural basis of working memory in humans; functions of human prefrontal cortex; fMRI.

Yang Dan Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Processing and computation of visual information in the thalamus and cortex.

Michael DeWeese Assistant Professor (Neuroscience) Auditory sensory processing in cortex; cortical mechanisms of selective attention.

Marian Diamond Professor (Integrative Biology) Neuroanatomy, environment, immune functions and hormones.

Dan Feldman Associate Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Plasticity and sensory processing of whisker input in rodent somatosensory cortex.

Marla Feller Associate Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Development of functional retinal circuits

John Flannery Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy of Inherited Retinal Degenerations.

Darlene Francis Assistant Professor (Public Health) Behavioral neuroscience, developmental psychobiology, animal models, stress, maternal care, gene-environment interaction.

Ralph Freeman Professor (Vision Science) Function, development, and plasticity of central visual pathways.

Jack Gallant Professor (Psychology) Visual neuroscience, attention

Gian Garriga Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Neuronal migration and axonal pathfinding in C. elegans.

Donald Glaser Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Computational modeling of human vision.

Xiaohua Gong Associate Professor (Vision Science) Eye development and diseases; cell-to-cell communication and intracellular signaling pathways in the lens.

Ehud Isacoff Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Channels, synapses, circuits; advanced optical methods.

Richard Ivry Professor (Psychology) Neural basis of motor control and motor learning in humans.

Lucia Jacobs Associate Professor (Psychology) Evolution and ecology of cognition, in particular spatial memory, navigation and reasoning.

William Jagust Professor (Public Health) Structural and functional imaging of aging and dementia.

Daniela Kaufer Assistant Professor (Integrative Biology) Molecular mechanisms underlying stress responses in the brain.

Stanley Klein Professor (Vision Science) Modeling of Spatial Vision and Its Application in Image Compression.

Robert Knight Professor (Psychology) Role of human prefrontal cortex in attention and memory control.

Richard Kramer Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Measuring and manipulating neuronal excitability and and synaptic transmission with light

Lance Kriegsfeld Assistant Professor (Psychology) Genetic, cellular, and hormonal mechanisms responsible for the temporal control of motivated behaviors and their underlying physiology.

Harold Lecar Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Biophysical properties of ion channels; theoretical biophysics.

Dennis Levi Professor (Optometry) Peripheral and Central Mechanisms of Amblyopia.

John Ngai Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Cellular and molecular mechanisms of olfaction; functional genomics.

Bruno Olshausen Associate Professor (Vision Science) Computational models of perception.

Mu-Ming Poo Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Mechanisms of axon guidance; synaptic plasticity.

Lynn Robertson Adjunct Professor (Psychology) Neural basis of human perception and attention.

David Schaffer Professor (Chemical Engineering) Mechanisms of stem cell differentiation.

Kristin Scott Associate Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Taste recognition in Drosophila.

Arthur Shimamura Professor (Psychology) Biological basis of memory and cognitive functions in humans.

Michael Silver Assistant Professor (Vision Science) Neural correlates of human visual perception, attention, and learning

Friedrich Sommer Associate Adjunct Professor (Neuroscience) Models of associative memory, sensory processing.

Mark Tanouye Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Molecular genetics and physiology of behavior in Drosophila.

Frederic Theunissen Associate Professor (Psychology) Neural mechanisms underlying complex sound recognition.

Matthew Walker Assistant Professor (Neuroscience) Cognitive neuroscience of the sleeping brain.

Jonathan Wallis Assistant Professor (Psychology) Neuronal mechanisms of goal-directed behavior.

Gerald Westheimer Professor in the Graduate School (Molecular & Cell Biology) Processing of visual information by the human brain.

Andrew Wurmser Assistant Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells.

Robert Zucker Professor (Molecular & Cell Biology) Role of calcium in transmitter release, synaptic transmission and plasticity.