Neuroscience Events Calendar

For detailed schedule of all below seminar series and special events, see our Events Calendar. To add an event to your bCal, Click “Add to my Google calendar (bCal)” on the right side of the screen. Click “Save” on the top of the screen.

Neuroscience Research Conference

The annual UC Berkeley Neuroscience Research Conference brings the entire campus neuroscience community together for a 2-day gathering of research talks, poster presentations, informal discussions, and social activities. The conference is alternately held at the Granlibakken Conference Center on the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe and the Pajaro Dunes Resort on the coast of Watsonville. Click to download the schedules from recent years: (2018 ) (2016) (2015) (2014) (2013)

Neuroscience Seminar Series

Berkeley Neuroscience and the Neurobiology division of the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology jointly host a biweekly Neuroscience seminar series, with notable speakers from across the world. In addition, the Neuroscience PhD Program runs a separate Neuroscience Graduate Student Seminar Series, in which graduate students select, invite, and host speakers (2-4 speakers per year). Hosted speakers join PhD students in group discussions, presentations, and social events, in addition to the seminar. Seminars are held on Thursdays at 3:30 PM in 101 LSA.

Brain Lunch

Brain Lunch is a weekly, one-hour seminar organized by and for the Berkeley Neuroscience community. Typically, the program includes talks from fourth-year students on their thesis work; journal clubs on neuro-related speakers invited to Berkeley; and presentations from post-docs on their past or current research.

Anyone can sign up for this class on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis at any point in their graduate careers. You do not have to sign up for this course to lead a journal club. Only fourth-year students who present their work should enroll for a letter grade. Receiving a letter grade in this course will fulfill one of the 3 topical seminar requirements. Course number: NEURO 294.

For Spring 2019, Neurotroph will be held at 12 noon on Mondays in 545 LKS. Speakers and topics are announced on the postdoc and PhD student email lists.

Other Seminar Series

Neuroscience seminars are also hosted by a variety of other programs, including The Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, Department of Psychology, Vision Science Graduate Program, and Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience.

Oxyopia (Vision Science)
Monday, 12:00 PM
489 Minor Hall

Redwood Center Seminar Series (Neuroscience)
Wednesday, 12:00 PM
560 Evans Hall

Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences/Cognition (Psychology)
Wednesday, 11:00 AM
Berkeley Way West 1102

Special Interest Groups and Journal Clubs

A variety of specialized, multi-laboratory interest groups and journal clubs meet regularly, including Synaptic Physiology Journal Club, Cal Cortex Club, Fly Club, MCB Development Club, Oxyopia (vision), Ear Club, Redwood Neural Computation Journal Club, Townsend Center Working Group in Neuroscience and Philosophy, and more. These groups provide opportunities to hear about the latest research from within and outside Berkeley, to gain experience giving research talks, and to critically evaluate cutting-edge science.

Neuroscience Bear Hour Social

A social hour is held every one to two months on Barker Lawn. Specific dates and times are announced on the faculty, postdoc, and PhD student email lists.