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Congratulations to HWNI member Marla Feller for winning a UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award! [...continue]


In this Q&A, HWNI member Sonia Bishop explains anxiety and gives practical tips on how to manage it during the COVID-19 pandemic. [...continue]


Congratulations to HWNI member and former director Bob Knight who was awarded the Howard Crosby Warren Medal in recognition of his pioneering contributions to cognitive neuroscience! [...continue]

Research Discovery

HWNI member Na Ji and collaborators have developed two new microscopy techniques that allow neural activity to be observed in unprecedented detail and breadth across the brain. [...continue]

Research Discovery

The Dillin lab has discovered glial cells in the brain of worms that protect their bodies from the effects of aging. The new study was published in Science. [...continue]


Oscar Vazquez’s experiences in the military drove him to study traumatic brain injuries and help patients. He’s now finishing medical school and has started a cancer immunotherapy company. [...continue]

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