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HWNI member David Feinberg led the development of this cutting-edge NexGen 7T MRI brain scanner. Watch the drone video of it being delivered to campus! [...continue]


Congratulations to Assistant Professor Stephen Brohawn for winning a Sloan Research Fellowship, which is awarded to some of the most promising early-career scientists across North America! [...continue]

Research Discovery

Helen Bateup's lab found that deleting a gene that causes a neurodevelopmental disorder from dopamine neurons reduces cognitive flexibility in mice, with potential implications for autism and other disorders. [...continue]


Oscar Vazquez’s experiences in the military drove him to study traumatic brain injuries and help patients. He’s now finishing medical school and has started a cancer immunotherapy company. [...continue]


Congratulations to John Ngai, a current member and former director of HWNI, for being selected to lead the National Institutes of Health’s multibillion-dollar BRAIN Initiative! [...continue]

Research Discovery

Professor Eric Betzig and colleagues have combined electron microscopy with super-resolution microscopy, resulting in an unprecedented view of cells at the nanoscale. [...continue]

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