Berkeley Neuroscience News | December 3, 2019

Increasing complexity: PhD alum Gautam Agarwal challenges the brain to understand how it works in the real world

In this Q&A, Gautam Agarwal, now a research scientist in the Sommer lab, discusses how he has explored the mind through synapses, theoretical neuroscience, video games, and dance.

Berkeley Neuroscience News | November 22, 2019

New model of neural processing could help us understand the brain and create better AI

The Sommer lab has developed a model that uses neuronal “spikes” and rhythmic activity to help explain how the brain performs complex computations, which has implications for machine learning.

Berkeley Neuroscience News | November 22, 2014

The Redwood Center, where minds model brains

By Gautam Agarwal Our brains have the remarkable ability to guide us through a complex world full of uncertainty. Researchers at the Redwood Center aim to identify theoretical principles that can help to understand how the brain functions. The Center brings together mathematicians, physicists, biologists, computer scientists, and engineers in a unique collaborative environment. Together, […]