Review Process

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Different subpopulations of neurons in the dorsal raphe region of the mouse brain. Image by Daniel Cardozo Pinto, Lammel lab, from research published in Nature Communications.

Application Review

Applications are reviewed by an admissions committee comprised of faculty and senior graduate students. The admissions committee review takes into consideration all aspects of an application (see application requirements).

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all individual requests for application updates given the large number of inquiries we receive. Please check your status page in the UC Berkeley Graduate Application regarding the status of your application.


Top applicants will be invited to one of two virtual interviews visits scheduled for January 29-30 and February 12-13, 2024. During the visit, candidates interview with 5-6 faculty members and interact with current graduate students. During your interviews with faculty you will be evaluated on your ability to explain your own research, your ability to understand the lab’s research or ideas, as well as your scientific and personal communication skills. The purpose of the interviews are to evaluate applicants’ preparedness for graduate research.

Faculty evaluations from the interviews inform final admissions decisions, which are made shortly after the second virtual interview visit. Official admission offers are sent to successful applicants by early March.

Campus Visit

Applicants that are recommended for admission and waitlisted are invited for an in-person visit March 17-19, 2024. During the in-person visit, recruits will interact with current graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty, and attend social events such as a program dinner. The goal of the in-person visit is to introduce recruits to the neuroscience community at Berkeley, both socially and professionally.

Accepting Your Offer

Admitted applicants who intend to accept their offer of admission to UC Berkeley should complete the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by April 15 as per the Council of Graduate Schools Agreement. See also Accepting Your Offer of Admission on the Graduate Admission website.